Investment Strategy

Walnut Hill utilizes the experiences of its management team to invest, own, and operate real estate assets in the United States.

The basis of Walnut Hillís strategy is to target primary markets that are both supply constrained and highly liquid. These characteristics provide the underpinning for a diverse and dynamic real estate portfolio.

Walnut Hillís long-term investment approach allows the company to maintain a disciplined investment strategy through the peaks and troughs of the real estate market cycle.

Potential Investment Types:

Walnut Hill seeks direct investment in existing properties as the primary owner. As a primary owner, Walnut Hill develops and implements a comprehensive asset management plan for its properties.

Walnut Hill will pursue joint venture opportunities in order to maximize the growth and management of its portfolio.

Walnut Hill seeks structured investments, including B-notes, mezzanine and preferred equity. These investments can be in opportunities where Walnut Hill believes it is achieving an adequate yield at a compelling valuation in the types of property it would directly own.